Mipros.org | distribution d'eau

c/o Jean Closter Julien
Executive Director
PO Box 15719
Port-au-Prince, Haïtii

Tabarre 39,
Rue du Silence,
Impasse Colombe #2
Port-au-Prince, Haïti

(509) 3613-5958
(509) 2270-4670

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welcome to mipros.org A NONPROFIT NGO

We are a group of people living in Haiti actively participating and volunteering in the rebuilding of our country. Our projects cover education, nutrition, health monitoring, human rights, local economy, infrastructure, disaster relief, water, sanitation, prevention and treatment.

We created this site to promote our objectives, our achievements, our accomplishments, and the experiences of people. We are requesting your help because we are a nonprofit NGO. We are registered with the Ministery of Planification and of the External Cooperation (MPCE). Our registration number is B-0498.

We are funded largely by Spanish organizations, such as Anesvad, Cives Mundi, and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, among others.

Some of our projects have been achieved exclusively through the financial support of fraternal donors who believe in our work, and we thank them. Our future achievements will only be possible by the generosity of our future benefactors.

We invite you to browse this site to learn about our organization MIPROS. Do not hesitate to contact us, and please give generously to help rebuild HAITI.

Thank you!

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FIGHT poverty by empowering us to help the people of haiti.together we can save lives!